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Yoga For Weight Loss: Best Yoga Asanas to Burn Fat

Published: 28.07.2021
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Yoga is, of course, a magic practice, but not so much as to lose extra weight in one or two sessions. But if you practice yoga for weight loss at least for half an hour two or three times a week, or even every day, the result will come quickly.

Why do we get fat? There are only two main reasons, and they are effortless - we gain extra weight from overeating and because we don't move enough. Alas. Or "Yay!". After all, when you know your enemies in person, it's easier to fight them. But to fight - it's about starvation, stress, grueling exercise, or manic counting calories. Hello, eternally bad moods. But how long will it last? I'm not sure.

But you don't have to fight. And get back to your ideal weight. You can do it with the help of yoga. And you can do it even at home.

Yoga?! Many people will say: Ha! It's almost impossible to lose weight with it. Like, it's obvious: it's more effective to sweat on the machines for an hour than to meditate at home for the same time and "slowly pull your legs behind your ears." So, yeah, that's not quite right.

Before we tell you how to lose excess weight and keep your body in great shape with the help of yoga, let's understand such a question.

Why we overeat

The answer most likely lies in psychological problems. We are eating something up. Fatigue, dissatisfaction, stress, resentment, loneliness, anxiety... You could go on and on, but you get the point. And this state of I want something sweet and unhealthy, but a lot. We comfort ourselves with food, give at least for a while to feel joy and pleasure.

But it is yoga that can give the same state. It gives back the taste for life to those who have lost this state, and it can fight depression and lack of self-belief. Ask any yogi and even doctors.

But how does it work? That's the secret: This practical and centuries-old practice works on the emotions and thoughts of the person through physical exercise. Our mind calms down and goes into a neutral state. The cells of the whole body are oxygenated, and all organs begin to work better. We get a powerful burst of energy. There is cheerfulness and a desire to live and enjoy life again.

Changing eating habits

And also, those who start doing yoga change their eating habits. Yes, not right away. But it happens by itself. Some people give up meat and bread, begin to eat more fruit and vegetables. Somebody starts to drink more water and choose dried fruits instead of usual sweets. No one is forcing anyone to change. This is a natural reaction of the body in response to the practice. A person starts to want healthy food. And it, importantly, no longer seems so awful to him as before ("What is it? Dates? Ew!") - from now on, he wants to eat exactly this way and not otherwise.

One more positive thing. And another good thing about yoga is that you're going to eat less and less food over time. You can't get enough of yoga, and you can't bend over when you have a kilo of barbecue on the inside. You're going to get nauseous. You will see that you want to do it in a light, half-starved state, and it's comfortable.

Here's some advice for newcomers. As long as you haven't had any changes in your diet, try to stick to these rules.

Tips for good nutrition

1. Yoga should be done on an empty stomach

If you ate something light, such as a salad of greens and vegetables, it should take an hour and a half, and only then spread out the mat. After a denser meal, you'll need a little more time—three to four hours.

2. Drink more water

Yoga activates metabolic and cleansing processes in the body. That's why it's so important to drink. But not in a gulp at the end of the class, but in small sips after each asana (that's the name of the yoga postures).

3. Read the labels on the products in the store

It will sober you up and keep you from buying junk food. At least once out of ten times.

4. The stomach wants to rest, too

Don't load it up with heavy food at the end of the day. And remember that late in the evening, when you have to go home to the fridge, your stomach will already be asleep. It won't start working until tomorrow morning. And all the food that goes in now will just lie dead weight. Is that what you want?

When to expect results from yoga classes

It's a myth that yoga is unhurried, meditative, and can't "pump" the body. Some asanas will get you down to seven afterward. And skilled instructors can give such exercises that beginners can hardly carry their feet after the class. They smile and thank the instructor. Of course, you can get such a load at home (see our video lessons on this material). But afterward, be sure to do Shavasana - relaxation pose.

Yoga works the body very effectively. It strengthens muscles, makes them firm, burns excess fat. And, most importantly, it makes the whole body healthier. So losing weight is a nice bonus. It's a natural consequence of yoga, making a person younger, stronger, and more beautiful.

You should be prepared to feel the effect not at once. You will have to wait for two months or six months before you see how your stomach has tightened and your waist has appeared. But I assure you that you will like the result. Because there will be no more backsliding, as in the case of long periods of giving up sweets. The important thing is to keep exercising.

Five secrets why we lose weight with yoga

  1. So, as we've already learned, it relieves the stress we're eating up.
  2. It helps to establish nutrition. Yoga practitioners suddenly begin to listen to themselves and choose healthy foods and take care of themselves.
  3. It helps you get your digestion back on track. The fashionable word "detox" applies to yoga. During the classes, the purification processes are started, and the toxins and detoxes are removed from the body.
  4. Yoga places great emphasis on proper breathing. And there's a reason for that. During breathing practices, the body is saturated with oxygen, and all organs begin to work better. The result: the metabolism is accelerated, less fat is accumulated.
  5. Yoga works the muscles beautifully. It gets to the most passive places where fat accumulates, stretches even the deepest muscles.

The benefits of the practice

Of course, yoga was not created just to lose weight. Here are the main beneficial effects of exercise:

  1. Yoga slows down the aging process.
  2. It relieves back pain, removes spinal curvature, osteochondrosis, deposits of salts.
  3. Strengthens muscles, return flexibility to joints.
  4. Restores reproductive function in women and increases potency in men.
  5. Thanks to intensive breathing during exercise, it saturates the cells with oxygen, and all systems begin to work more efficiently.
  6. There is a natural massage of the internal organs. Yoga excels at eliminating toxins and constipation.
  7. Cures migraine, asthma, arthritis, insomnia.
  8. It helps (attention!) to lose excess weight.
  9. Gives the whole body and the brain a deep relaxation.
  10. The meditations included in yoga classes help strengthen the immune system and lower stress levels.

Contraindications for practicing yoga

This is an essential point: if you have a severe illness, you must first see a doctor. If the doctor gives you the okay, you can safely practice (at home, too) because yoga is designed initially for healthy people.

So, what diseases you can't have:

Hypertension, epilepsy, congenital heart defect, cholelithiasis, alcohol or drug intoxication, period of taking tranquilizers, antidepressants, and other psychotropic drugs.

There are special yoga exercises for pregnant women. It is recommended that women during their periods limit their routines.

Basic rules for yoga classes

  1. It would be good if you practiced yoga three times a week or every day (with an instructor or at home, using our video lessons). Allocate yourself an hour or an hour and a half. But if you have only half an hour, don't put it off until better times, do it!
  2. You must not feel any pain during the class. No pain at all! You don't have to stretch your muscles on purpose, bend down with force, stretch your legs - and still be patient. This is not a sport.
  3. Breathe evenly, calmly in the asanas! Don't hold it back.
  4. Choose comfortable clothes, preferably cotton. Take off your chains and watches, bracelets, and rings, and they will only disturb you.
  5. After all the exercises, be sure to do Shavasana, which is a relaxation pose. It will be enough for 7-10 minutes; you should lie down on the mat and not move all the time. Ask your friends not to distract you and not to make any noise. In yoga, it's essential to relax.

And remember! To affect, strive to do the asanas correctly. But don't be in a hurry. Many people take a few months to learn how to build a pose. So, let's begin our practice.

A complex of exercises for weight loss

Exercises for good exercise

Some asanas will make you sweat. We, who lose weight, need them very much. But remember water! During the day, you need to drink as much as possible. After all, exercises improve the metabolism and start the cleansing process.


The technique of execution:

  1. Lie down on your stomach. Bend your arms at the elbows so that the angle is 90 degrees. Your elbows should be under your shoulders.
  2. Lift on your forearms and toes and stay in this position.
  3. The abdomen is retracted into itself. Breathing is even and calm.

The body should be stretched out and form a straight line, the bar. Keep it parallel to the floor.

Running time: It is advised to start with 1-2 minutes a day, gradually increasing to more time. But for those who have never done the bar, standing for even 1 minute will be very difficult at first. Try to hold this pose for at least 30 seconds. But make three approaches (this is a condition and for everyone).

Effect: For weight loss, this exercise is perfect! It allows you to tighten your abdomen, make your thighs slimmer, and your buttocks firmer. It strengthens the muscles of the back and improves the relief of the body. Many women say that the plank gets rid not only of excess fat but also of cellulite. The latter is due to improved blood flow to the tissues.

Froggy pose

The technique of execution:

  1. Sit on the cards. Pull your heels off the floor, standing only on your fingertips. Your heels touch each other.
  2. Rest your fingertips on the floor between your legs. Keep your head up, looking forward.
  3. As you inhale, lift your pelvis, straightening your legs at the knees while keeping the tips of your toes on the floor. Your heels do not drop and remain in balance, continuing to touch each other.
  4. As you exhale, lower yourself down, looking forward with your knees to the sides of your hands.

This exercise should be performed with very powerful breathing: inhale - up, exhale - down.

Time: For best results, instructors prescribe 108 Frogs. But only experienced practitioners can cope with this number of times. Therefore, I advise beginners to perform 21 approaches. Over time, increase the number of "Frogs" to 54. And go as far as 108 without a rest break.

Effect: It is believed that those who practice this pose gain control over hunger and thirst. One becomes sturdy and trim. There is even a joke that the Frog pose can make a woman a princess. The exercise works the legs and hips well, tones and strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, improves blood circulation, and powerfully increases energy levels.

Exercises for a flat stomach

This is where all the leg lifts from the prone position, the tension pose, and the fire breath will help you. But first things first.

Leg raises (30, 60, and 90 degrees)

The technique of execution:

  1. Lie on your back. Put your hands under your buttocks so that your back doesn't arch upward while doing this asana.
  2. With an inhale, press your lower back to the floor with the pelvic muscles and lift your legs at the right angle, using the powers of the navel area.
  3. With an exhalation, lower your legs. They should be straight. Put your feet on the floor, not "drop" them.

Use the power of the inhale to lift your legs. Use your abdominal strength when you exhale. If you don't have enough to keep your legs straight, you may want to bend at the knees. Avoid arching your lower back.

Time: 1-3 minutes with deep, slow breathing. Relate the load to your physical fitness. If it is difficult at first, do as much as you can. But don't feel sorry for yourself. If you just lie on the mat, you are unlikely to achieve the desired result.

Effect: strengthens the abdominal muscles, especially the lower part of the abdomen. If you lift your legs at different angles, it works in all areas of the abs.

Tension pose

The technique of execution:

  1. Lie on your back with your arms along your body.
  2. Lift your head and legs 15 cm off the floor, stretch your arms forward parallel to the floor. Palms turned toward each other at about hip level.
  3. Fingers of the hands are stretched toward the feet. The gaze is directed to the tips of the toes.
  4. In this position, perform the Breath of Fire (see below for how to do it).

Your feet should be together, and your lower back pressed firmly to the floor. You can put your hands under your buttocks to support your lower back.

Running time: 1 minute. This is for beginners. Gradually the time can be increased up to 3 minutes.

Effect: This exercise strengthens the umbilical center and also promotes good digestion. Important addition: it enhances the body's defenses. Together with powerful fire breathing, it is a good remedy for colds and runny noses. Practice without pitying yourself, and then you can recover very quickly, in a day or two.

Breathing the right way will help you lose weight

You can imagine, in yoga, it's possible to live and lose weight. But, of course, you have to breathe in a certain way, not the way we're used to. Whoever practices yoga has already guessed that we're talking about the Breath of Fire.

This is one of the fundamental practices of Kundalini Yoga, which accompanies the performance of many asanas and is known for its beneficial effects. For example, it burns excess fat. It's perfect for women, and it increases blood circulation in the small pelvis and abdomen, massages internal organs, strengthens abs. It is only necessary to perform it correctly.

Breath of fire

The technique of execution:

  1. Sit in a simple pose with a straight back. The chest is open and slightly elevated. Keep it still during the whole exercise.
  2. Don't tuck your chin in, but lower it slightly to your chest so that your neck continues to straighten your spine. Close your eyes (this will allow you to concentrate on the practice).
  3. As you inhale, pull your belly button and solar plexus into yourself, and relax the muscles as you exhale.
  4. Breathe through the nose. The inhale is equal to the exhale, and there is no pause between them. Breathing is fast: about 2-3 cycles per second. And rhythmic.

Pull your belly button inward as if you were reaching for your spine. There should be no tension in your hands, feet, face, or abdomen when done correctly. If you feel dizzy, pause. It's normal, as is a slight ringing in the ears, a feeling like motion sickness - your body is just not used to this kind of breathing and has just begun to adjust.

Running time: 1-3 minutes.

Contraindication: limit during pregnancy and menstruation.


  1. Draws out toxins and deposits from lungs, mucous membranes, blood vessels.
  2. Increases physical endurance and generates potent energy.
  3. Strengthens the nervous system.
  4. Strengthens the Umbilical Chakra.
  5. Relieves the impulses of addiction to drugs, smoking, or unhealthy foods.
  6. Stimulates the immune system and can help avoid many diseases.

Stretching of the vital nerve - forward bending

The technique of execution:

  1. Sit on the floor and stretch your legs out in front of you. Bring them together and grasp the big toes (the index and middle fingers of the hand wrap around the big toe, the thumb presses on the nail plate of the big toe).
  2. As you exhale, lean forward from the navel, pulling the spine away from the base.
  3. As you breathe in, use the strength of your legs to get up.
  4. The head is the last to move. As you ascend, follow the reverse order, with the lead going up last.
  5. Keep moving like a working pump.

Don't clench your lower back. Try to stretch with your belly toward your hips, not your head toward your knees. Tense your thigh muscles, pulling them away from your knees to maintain the stretch.

Running time: 1-3 minutes.

Effect: This pose reduces appetite, improves bowel function and metabolism. Beneficial for the spine in general and removes stooping.

Horizontal "bicycle"

The technique of execution:

  1. Lie on your back and lift both legs 45 degrees off the floor.
  2. With an inhale, pull your left knee up to your chest.
  3. With an exhalation, extend your left leg while pulling your right knee toward your chest.
  4. Continue with powerful breathing. Don't hold it.

Extend your legs and keep them parallel to the floor. You can put your hands under your buttocks.

Effect: the asana is very good at starting the digestion process, making the abs firm.

From the author: All these exercises quickly tidy up the abdominal area. But don't overdo it - don't do all of them at once. Do each asana for 1-2 minutes at the beginning of your practice. The load should be gradual and comfortable for you.

Exercises for a beautiful waistline

No matter how fervently we work on our abs, we can't achieve a shapely waist without oblique abdominal muscles. All bends (side to side, forward and backward) and twists will help. By the way, all three exercises in this complex work well with the intestines.

The Mill

The technique of execution:

  1. Stand up straight, feet a little wider than shoulder-width. Extend your arms out to your sides parallel to the floor, palms facing down.
  2. Turn to the left and lean forward from the lower back. Touch the left foot with your right hand. And raise your left hand behind your back.
  3. After that, we change direction.

Do it rhythmically. When bending forward, keep your head in a neutral position, don't turn it toward the arm above.

Running time: 1 minute per side.

Effect: effortless and at the same time one of the most effective exercises for the oblique abdominal muscles.

Leans to the side

The technique of execution:

  1. Stand up straight, feet hip-width apart, arms out to the sides parallel to the floor, palms facing down.
  2. Bend to the left with your left arm down and your right arm up and to the left above your head. Keep it straight.
  3. Return to the starting position. Now bend to the right.

The movements should not be abrupt. Do it at a comfortable slow pace.

Running time: 1-2 minutes.

Effect: the asana makes the waist slim.

Rotating the body from a standing position

The technique of execution:

  1. Stand up straight, feet hip-width apart, arms out to the sides parallel to the floor, palms facing down.
  2. With an inhale, turn the body with the arms as far to the left as possible, with an exhalation return to the starting position. Now do the same to the right side and come back to the center.
  3. Perform at a rate of 2-3 seconds for each complete cycle of movement.

Do not bend your arms. The line from the fingertips of one hand to the fingertips of the other hand should be straight.

Running time: 1 minute.

The effect: This exercise is beneficial to the oblique abdominal muscles and brings the waste into perfect shape.

Exercises for trim buttocks and thighs

Pelvic lifts

The technique of execution:

  1. Lie on your back and bend your knees.
  2. Pull your heels as close to your buttocks as possible, with your feet on the floor.
  3. Grab your hands at the ankles, and with an inhale, lift your pelvis. With an exhalation, bring it down.

Perform with powerful breathing.

Running time: 1-3 minutes.

Effect: One of the best exercises for the glutes and posterior surface of the thigh. Asana also works the neck, kidneys, and urinary tract.

Heel kicks

The technique of execution:

  1. Lie on your back with your hands on the floor along your body.
  2. Start alternately kicking your heels on the buttocks.

Do this exercise with maximum effort.

Running time: 1-3 minutes.

Effect: good exercise for the buttocks, lateral surface of the thighs, and abs. Improves digestion.

Exercises for firm breasts

All exercises that straighten the chest and work the chest muscles will do.

Cobra pose

The technique of execution:

  1. Lie on your stomach, put your hands under your shoulders, palms pressed to the floor.
  2. Start lifting your chest by straightening your arms.
  3. Head continues to move as you bend backward. Pull up with the entire surface of your abdomen and chest in the opposite direction.
  4. Return to the starting position.
  5. Movements should be calm and even, without acceleration or deceleration. Inhale and exhale are synchronized with the movement of the body.

Do not bend your back too much. If it is difficult to stand with your arms straight, bend them at the elbows. But strive for a perfect pose.

Running time: start with 1 minute, gradually increasing to 3 minutes.

Effect: it's good for the chest muscles. It straightens the rib cage. The pose also strengthens the deep muscles of the back, works with the posture and abs.

Crossing of arms

The technique of execution:

  1. Sit in a simple pose. Keep your back straight.
  2. Extend your arms in front of you in a V shape about 15 degrees above shoulder height. You should have a Superman pose. Palms spread out and facing down.
  3. Start crossing your arms in front of you, alternating them - first, one arm up, then the other.
  4. Speed of execution: approximately one repetition per second.

Your arms should remain straight and not bend at the elbows. And do not lower them during the exercise.

Running time: 1-3 minutes.

Effect: a perfect exercise, tightens the chest muscles. It also works the arm and upper back muscles.

Exercises for overeating and stress

Some special exercises and meditations are suitable for an evening out of a person's emotional background and setting them up positively—for example, foot-binding and yogic breathing. Let them be your home lessons instead of buns and candy.

Tilting to the feet

The technique of execution:

  1. Stand with a straight back, join feet, bones touching each other, toes in line.
  2. Lean forward and grasp your thumbs with your index and middle fingers. Bend your knees, making it easier for your back to stretch, and pull your chest closer to your feet.
  3. If possible, try to extend your back and slowly straighten your legs. Release any tension in the neck area, head relaxed and hanging down.

This is not an easy exercise; it takes practice. If you feel any discomfort, loosen up or get out of the pose.

Running time: 1-2 minutes.

Effect: it relieves depression, brings back clarity to your thoughts, brightens your eyes, and puts you in a good mood. Asana is good for irritable people - it calms the heart and the mind.

Lose weight with yoga and be healthy!

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