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Flat Belly Fix: Review of the 21-Day Weight Loss System

Published: 26.01.2022
Reading time: 68 minutes
The Flat Belly Fix Program

Many people around the world dream of losing weight, and most programs prescribe two basic strategies for that, namely:

  • Abstain from delicious foods and starve yourself to death, only to pick up weight again afterward;
  • Exhaust yourself with long, challenging, and tedious exercises in the gym until you find yourself in a state of depression.

Fortunately, there is now a new approach to losing weight, and it has helped a lot of people burn their fat and transform the way they live.

Created by Todd Lamb, the Flat Belly Fix Program is a detailed and comprehensive weight loss system that teaches you how to combine physical exercises and a diet to lose pounds in a safe, easy and comfortable manner. This article intends to serve as a comprehensive Flat Belly Fix review to help you decide whether you might be interested in applying for the program.

Product The 21-Day Flat Belly Fix
Language English
Author Todd Lamb
Category Weight Loss, Fitness Program
Type Digital Format
Duration 21-Day Plan
Price $37
Official Website

What the Flat Belly Fix Is?

The 21 Day Flat Belly Fix System Digital E-book

As its name suggests, the 21-Day Flat Belly Fix System is a three-week program that guides you, step by step, to combine healthy and delicious food with a moderate workout to lose weight without effort. Moreover, the principles it teaches you will help you change your habits so that the benefits of the Flat Belly Fix will stay with you for the rest of your life.

The three goals that Todd Lamb set for his program are that it must:

  1. Tell people the truth about a healthy lifestyle,
  2. Be easy for most people to follow,
  3. Have a transformational effect on its users.

How the Flat Belly Fix Works?

The three main principles behind this innovative approach are:

  1. Learning how your nervous, digestive, and endocrine systems work together will help you change your diet to lose weight more effectively.
  2. Physical exercises that distribute energy over your body more intelligently will help you burn your fat instead of storing it on your belly and other body parts.
  3. By developing new habits that make the flat belly fix operate without your constant conscious self-control, you will acquire a healthy and joyous lifestyle for good.

In other words, the Flat Belly Fix System addresses three main aspects of the weight issue:

  • The way you eat;
  • The way you exercise;
  • The way you live.

Creator of the Flat Belly Fix

Todd Lamb

The Flat Belly Fix System was created by Todd Lamb, a former peace officer. His wife became obese during a long period of immobility after her injuries in a traffic accident. Driven by compassion for his wife's suffering, Todd went out of his way to help her return to her normal state.

His 17 years in the police force and his prior military background taught him healthy nutrition and an effective workout.

He used all his knowledge and personal experience to design a system to help his wife lose weight and return to a happy life. He also wanted the system to demand as little effort on his wife's part as possible.

The Flat Belly Fix Program is a result of his efforts to achieve those goals. Whether the story is true or it is just another marketing strategy, the program has indeed helped many people achieve miraculous results, as testified in the numerous Flat Belly Fix reviews they have sent him.

Contents of the Flat Belly Fix Program

Total package of the program

The Flat Belly Fix is an entirely electronic program. The main bulk of the program consists of a detailed and comprehensive presentation of a 21-day action plan and all the information you might need to follow the action plan successfully. The primary objective of the program is to help you:

  • Lose weight as quickly as possible with the minimum of effort on your part,
  • Acquire new eating and drinking habits so that you continue to be in good shape even after the program ends,
  • Change your body image towards a greater appreciation of yourself and your body so that the Flat Belly Fix becomes a part of your life for good.

Besides the 21-day Flat Belly Fix action plan, the program package includes

  • A seven-minute Flat Belly Fix protocol,
  • A book of Flat Belly Fix smoothie recipes,
  • Personal Digital Coaching.

And as a bonus, it provides access to the author's private Facebook community. Let us now have a closer look at each part of the package, one by one.

The 21-Day Flat Belly Fix System

The central part of the Flat Belly Fix Program gives you a general academic background to the actual action plan first. It tells you about the practice of fasting, the positive effects it has on your health, and the role it plays in weight reduction. The electronic book then provides step-by-step instructions on implementing the principles of fasting to lose all your excess fat in three weeks, no matter how overweight you are.

Apart from that, the book provides interesting and helpful information concerning:

  • The nature of hunger;
  • The energy flow through the body;
  • Benefits of different kinds of teas, especially the Chai;
  • Leptin, carbohydrates, and lipids and their significance for physical activity;
  • Theories on healthy insulin sensitivity and resistance to it;
  • Healthy eating habits and meal schedules;
  • Food lists;
  • Gender differences related to the successful implementation of the Flat Belly Fix principles;
  • Answers to frequently asked questions.

The actual action plan of the program consists of three parts. Part One serves as an introduction that tells you how your metabolism works and how mastering your appetite can help improve it. This part also makes it easier for you to start with your program.

Part Two is a nutritional guide that tells you a lot about healthy and toxic foods. It also explains how to improve your digestion and suggests many effective ways to facilitate your work with various natural foods and supplements to achieve a hormonal balance in your body.

Part Three focuses on the physical exercises you will have to perform as part of the 21-day Flat Belly Fix Program.

Seven-Minute Protocol

7-Minute Flat Belly Protocol E-book

As the name suggests, the Seven-Minute Flat Belly Fix Protocol provides a step-by-step guide to performing your necessary daily exercises that only take seven minutes to complete. Each activity is divided into distinct movements, and a detailed description of each action comes with a photograph that makes it easier to understand how to perform it.

Unnecessary though they may be, those abdominal exercises do enhance the overall effect of the Flat Belly Fix Program nonetheless. The daily set requires minimum effort from you, takes very little of your time, and the photographs make it even easier to complete.

Besides, Todd Lamb insists it is, in fact, indispensable if you would like to achieve the optimal effects in the shortest time. Fasting and following the diet on their own will not produce those effects, not quickly anyway.

Flat Belly Fix Smoothie Recipes Book

The Flat Belly Fix Smoothie Recipes E-book

As many models and sportspeople testify, smoothies help get rid of excess fat very well. Therefore, the second bonus to the program offers you quick and easy recipes of smoothies containing ingredients that help burn fat faster.

The recipes book provides various unusual flavors, like avocado, and some smoothies contain vitamins and minerals. Finally, there are some smoothies on the menu that can even substitute an entire meal for you.

Personal Digital Coaching

The Flat Belly Fix package also includes personal coaching from Todd Lamb provided in the digital format. The coaching is offered free of charge for a month; then, you will have to pay $29 per month for three months; after that, your access to personal coaching will be free for good.

Todd Lamb's coaching will make your work easier for you as it lets you continue your program together with your instructor, literally.

Access to the Private Facebook Community

Flat Belly Fix Private Facebook Group

As an attractive bonus to the package, you receive free access to the international social network of the Flat Belly Fix Program users. They meet on the author's Facebook page to exchange news and offer each other some advice.

They also share their stories of personal failure, struggle, and success. It helps to know you are not alone, and you can always turn to the community when you feel like giving up.

Plus, the Flat Belly Fix reviews that you find on that page will provide you with invaluable information to help you proceed more effectively. Those are reviews by actual people who have followed the program and achieved some positive results.

Besides, your membership in the community will provide you with an opportunity to get direct support and guidance from Todd Lamb as he actively participates in the community's activities.

What You Will Learn from the Flat Belly Fix?

Besides the actual 21-day step-by-step program, the Flat Belly Fix contains much information on dieting and exercising. It also provides numerous food lists and recipes for everyday use. What follows is a list of skills you will have mastered by the end of the Flat Belly Fix Program.

Building Up the Fat Burning Hormone

Todd Lamb has succeeded in identifying what he calls the master fat-burning hormone. That hormone is responsible for burning excess fat, and the 21-day Flat Belly Fix aims at facilitating a massive discharge of the master fat-burning hormone into your bloodstream.

The author suggests that it is possible to increase its level by 1,300% to 2,000% in women and men, respectively. Such radical elevation of the hormone's level is enough to burn large amounts of fat without any effort whatsoever.

The Flat Belly Fix teaches you specific techniques of building up that hormone in your blood to lose a lot of weight in the shortest time without having to diet or go to the gym.

Applying the "White Fat Fuel Secret"

That is another term coined by the creator of the Flat Belly Fix. The White Fat Fuel Secret refers to your power of preventing your body from relying on carbohydrates as its sole source of energy. Your body will learn to draw its energy from the lipids instead.

The Flat Belly Fix reveals the secret of how to make your body live off fat, not sugar. By stimulating the production of the master fat-burning hormone and applying the White Fat Fuel Secret, you will

  • Burn excess fat in large amounts and faster,
  • Use the increased traffic of energy thus produced to invigorate the entire body and the organism.

Stimulating the Thyroid Gland

One of the main functions of thyroid hormones is to suppress appetite and accelerate the breakdown of glucose and lipids. That, in turn, makes it easier for the body to dissolve excess fat through the increased traffic of free fatty acids.

The Flat Belly Fix will show you an easy way to increase the production of thyroid hormones to such an extent that you will be losing weight at a dramatic rate, Todd Lamb claims.

Reversing the Aging of the Skin

The skin changing its appearance with age is one of the most depressing issues for many people, and not for women only, as commonly assumed. If you are one of them, you will be happy to know that the problem seems to be easily reversible.

The Flat Belly Fix promises to teach you how to return your skin to its youthful condition even if you are pretty old and have been smoking since you were a kid.

Suppressing the Depression Chemicals in the Brain

The research into the biological nature of depression has been underway for several decades, and several possible biochemical causes of mood disorders have been identified. You will find more information about it in the Scientific Evidence section of this article.

The author of the Flat Belly Fix says he has discovered ways of modifying the biochemical activity in the brain without using any medication whatsoever. His system includes some strictly dietary means of reducing the activity of depression chemicals instantaneously, leading to perceptible changes in your mood within a couple of days.

Reducing the Risk of Diabetes

A condition known as Type 2 Diabetes develops if the cells stop interacting with insulin the way they should. See the Scientific Evidence section of this article for more information.

Todd Lamb has included a secret tea recipe in his Flat Belly Fix System that guarantees to reduce the risk of that medical condition by as much as 33%.

Controlling Your Hunger

Craving for food is inevitable on any diet, no matter how mild that diet may be. Dieting changes your hormonal activity, and it depletes you of the glucose that your organism has learned to depend on. Both factors account for sudden and irresistible impulses of insatiable hunger, called "munchies," and they can create some serious problems for a successful diet and a healthy lifestyle.

To begin with, occasional nibbles will ruin any diet by simply defeating its purpose. Plus, craving for food works very much like any other addiction: even if your intentions have been grand and sincere, munchies make you want to cheat on them "just this once." Besides, occasional nibbling is not healthy anyway: it makes you pick up weight and disturbs your digestion.

The Flat Belly Fix provides you with techniques for manipulating your hormonal activity and the sugar level in your blood so that you experience no craving for food in the first place. And should "munchies" occur, after all, you use the same techniques to switch them off at once.

Avoiding the Boomerang Dieting

As we have mentioned at the beginning of the article, most people's diets seem to go in the manic-depressive vicious cycle. It begins with vigorous hyper-enthusiastic starving and quickly progresses towards a state of despair. Eventually, they give up on their hopeless attempts to lose weight and indulge in excessive eating instead. They soon end up overweight, which they can't stand, and the cycle begins again.

The Flat Belly Fix offers moderate and balanced strategies for losing weight, which makes them more effective in the end. And for the same reasons, the benefits of the Flat Belly Fix Program are more permanent too.

Reducing Inflammations

You will also benefit from the Flat Belly Fix by learning effective methods of reducing inflammations in various parts of your body without any medication or medical procedures whatsoever. That skill will help you significantly decrease the risk of cancer and possible rheumatoid symptoms in the future.

Strengthening Your Bones

The Flat Belly Fix instructs you on how to build up your skeletal power by increasing your bone density with a secret trick. No workout will be necessary for that purpose, says the creator of the program.

Boosting Your Libido

Last but not least, the Flat Belly Fix also promises to teach you how to prepare inexpensive dishes that stimulate your sex drive, which may be a lovely bonus even if all else fails at the end of the day.

Scientific Evidence for Todd Lamb's Claims

Even though the Flat Belly Fix does not have a solid scientific foundation, empirical evidence partially supports its claims.

Monoamines and Depression

The connection between the two is still controversial, but there seems to be an empirically validated relation between certain neurotransmitter deficiencies and mood disorders. Serotonin and dopamine levels, for instance, have been linked to both mood and digestion.

There is also sufficient empirical evidence that neurotransmitter levels depend on our diet and can even be modified by conscious manipulations with our states of mind.

Diabetes and Insulin Sensitivity

Insulin resistance refers to an abnormal interaction with a hormone called insulin, wherein otherwise healthy cells stop responding to it for reasons that seem to be obscure in most cases.

One of the most frequent negative consequences of that dynamic dysfunction is the onset of a condition known as type 2 diabetes. Empirical research has revealed that the two most common causes of insulin resistance are excess body fat and lack of physical exercise.


Of all the claims that Todd Lamb has made, the significance of fasting has received the soundest scientific validation. There is indisputable empirical evidence that short and frequent fasts help even obese individuals lose excess body fat quickly and easily.

Users' Testimonials

Despite the lack of scientific evidence for the validity of his claims, the program's author receives positive feedback in the users' reviews. Each Flat Belly Fix review is another piece of empirical evidence, after all. And more valid than even the most positive testimonials are the photographs that speak for themselves.

Peter's Results

Tara's Results

Susan's Results


The entire Flat Belly Fix Package, including the bonuses, costs $37 only. Moreover, if you decide to purchase it and pay the total amount right away, Todd Lamb offers you an impressive 60% discount. And there will be no shipping costs since the program is only available in digital format. The only fee to pay is the 19% VAT from the amount before the discount.

Here is what it comes to (in USD):

Flat Belly Fix $37.00
Discount $- 22.20
Delivery $0.00
VAT $7.03
Total $21.83

Refund Policy

Todd Lamb complements his generous price offer with a fair refund policy. If you are not satisfied with the contents of the package or the program's results, you will get a 100% refund, provided you submit your request within two months of the purchase date.

Final Verdict

Virtually every Flat Belly Fix review seems to praise it as an excellent program that is worth trying. Even though the empirical research to support its claims is insufficient, the program has worked for many people.

Besides, it does not propose any dangerous practices or prescribes any potentially harmful substances. Nor does it require you to change your lifestyle very much, for that matter.

Furthermore, the Flat Belly Fix comes with valuable material, like the recipes book, for example. And you will have access to the global community of like-minded people, all free of charge.

Finally, the costs are low, and the bonuses are pretty attractive. And if it does not work for you, you will get your money back.

We hope our Flat Belly Fix review has helped you decide whether you want to try it, after all.

About Rogue Syndicate, Inc.

Todd Lamb has founded Rogue Syndicate, Inc., to publish and sell his Flat Belly Fix System online directly and via Clickbank, one of the top transnational virtual retailers and affiliate marketers in the States. With the 30,000 daily transactions for 6 million customers in 200 countries, it turns more than $1 billion a year.

Affiliate Disclosure

The affiliate company may charge an additional fee for its purposes, although it will not increase the amount payable by the buyer. The money thus received goes to support empirical research and editorial work.

Your order via an affiliate link will be subject to the terms and conditions that you find on the official website. However, the link does not hold itself responsible for the accuracy of information provided by the latter.


It is important to stress that the author of the Flat Belly Fix does not intend to promote it as an alternative to the traditional medical service, nor does he claim any scientific validity or therapeutic efficacy for his product.

On the contrary, he strongly recommends consulting a qualified and licensed professional before any decision as to purchasing his product be made, especially in case a potential buyer follows a medication plan or has recently suffered from any significant physical injury.

Finally, the product is not intended to be a diagnostic or palliative means for preventing or treating any formally recognized medical disorder.

Product Support

Media Contact

For more information on the product and the purchase transaction, contact Rogue Syndicate via its official website:

by e-mail:

or via the affiliate link:

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Jerry M. Vaughan
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  • Anna Marie
    Published: 11.09.2021 Reply to the message

    Would you please tell me if the 21 day flat belly fix is legit?

    • Jerry M. Vaughan
      Published: 11.09.2021 Reply to the message

      Hello, Anna Marie, of course!

      This is a diet that is getting a lot of attention. Many people have personally tried it and found positive results, but it is important to note that everyone reacts differently to any exercise regimen or diet.

      So before you try any new exercises or diets, please, consult your doctor!

  • Dwayne
    Published: 14.09.2021 Reply to the message

    Hi, Jerry! So in the conclusion of the review, does the flat belly fix diet work?

    • Jerry M. Vaughan
      Published: 14.09.2021 Reply to the message

      Hi, Dwayne!

      It does, assuming a person can also maintain a sensible diet. Learning what foods do to one's energy levels and weight is almost as important as the workout routines.

      The flat-belly fix diet requires a lifestyle change for permanent results.

      The concept behind the Flat Belly Fix plan is to create a calorie deficit by specific exercise and dietary choices that will decrease fat storage in areas around the stomach, which will do away with abdominal fat and improve the appearance of the skin, making you look younger!

  • Kiara
    Published: 05.11.2021 Reply to the message

    Hi! What is the tea in the flat belly fix?

    • Jerry M. Vaughan
      Published: 05.11.2021 Reply to the message

      Hi, Kiara!

      The set of teas in the Flat Belly Fix are all for weight loss.

      The tea has many functions, including providing you with staying power to get through your workday or school day. The main goal of the tea is to boost your metabolism - it will be used to help support your workouts and keep your energy level up throughout the day.

      Tea also helps with digestion after working out, which helps feel energized post-workout. All in all, there are just too many benefits that you would not want to leave out!

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