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8 Myths About the Ketogenic Diet

Published: 15.08.2021
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Nowadays, all they talk about is the trendy keto diet, in which fats are the primary source of energy. You eat almost all "forbidden" foods like lard, bacon, and butter and lose weight. But often, what you might have heard about this "fat" diet system is just fiction. What rumors are spread about keto, we learned from an expert.

Can't you lose weight on the keto diet?

MYTH. The keto diet is an excellent program for weight loss. In the absence of carbohydrates in the diet, the body begins to use ketones, produced by the breakdown of our fat reserves and the fats that we get with food as the primary energy source. The hormone insulin level, one of the functions of storing energy in fat deposits, remains low.

Is the keto diet only suitable for those who like hamburgers and other fast food?

MYTH. No hot dogs, burgers, sausages, frankfurters, or other fast food are eaten on a keto diet. The keto diet is first and foremost about high-quality foods. Everything here is strict! No cheeses that contain palm oil, fish are grown on mixed fodder, eggs from chickens "sitting" on hormones - only healthy, ideally farmed meat and poultry.

You can also eat animal fats (ghee, goose fat, duck fat, beef fat, lamb fat), ghee, butter, avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil, herbs, and vegetables (which grow above ground, i.e., carrots and beets are not allowed), heavy cream, sour cream, berries, nuts, seeds.

Is the keto diet the world's most nourishing diet?

TRUTH. This diet is based on moderate protein intake (no more than 20% of daily calories), low carbohydrates (5-10%). The emphasis is on fats (70-75%), which are known to saturate well. Fat-protein meals, unlike carbohydrate meals, reduce hunger for five to six hours. Therefore, you won't feel hungry on this diet!

Is the keto diet suitable only for men?

MYTH. Both men and women can follow this diet, but this program is strictly individual. It has some contraindications, such as severe atherosclerosis, complicated diabetes, or pancreatitis. However, if your health is good, there is nothing to be afraid of.

The keto diet eliminates glucose, which means you'll get tired quickly?

MYTH. In the first week, you will indeed be tired, and this is because there will be a change from a carbohydrate type of diet to a fat kind of diet. But once the adaptation period has passed, your body will use the energy from the ketones. As a result, you will feel a rush of energy, which is in no way dependent on blood glucose levels.

Does the keto diet raise cholesterol?

RIGHT. But if you choose quality products: fish oil, meat from grass-fed animals, eggs from free-range chickens (we agree, it's not easy, but entirely possible), you'll be fine!

Does the keto diet disrupt metabolism?

MYTH. If you follow the program correctly and quit it correctly, nothing will be broken. Before you decide to stick to keto, it is advisable to give up all sweets, cookies, candies, and foods containing trans fats in advance (two to three months)!

This way, you will reduce the risk of breakdowns. And when you leave the program, add carbohydrates gradually, replacing fats with them.

Is the keto diet expensive?

IS PARTLY TRUE. Semolina, couscous, and sugar are cheaper than avocados, meat from grass-fed animals, or wild salmon. But then again, it's your choice and your health!

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